I live in Liverpool with my husband and 5 of my 6 children (the eldest now living in London) and work as Writer-in-Residence at The Open Eye Gallery and  Poet-in-Residence at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.  I also work on writing and well-being projects for the charity North End Writers.  My collection Waiting for the Brown Trout God (2009) was published by Headland Publications. My most recent collection – Voices of the Benares – was published by Lapwing Publications in 2014.  My pamphlet Playing Out Time was published by Driftwood Publications (2005). I am currently working on my third collection.

I have an LL.B (Hons), Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, an MA in Writing and Reading Poetry and am studying for a PhD at Liverpool University thanks to the generous support of The John Lennon Memorial Scholarship. I’m researching the poetry of Frank Bidart and writing a new collection inspired by themes of poetry and madness (including my own experiences).

I am a self-employed writer and project manager having previously worked in the public and voluntary sectors, Further Education, Higher Education and Prison Education;  I have also worked with a range of organisations in other roles including Research Ethics Committees (as a lay member), the Liverpool Echo, Halton Borough Council, Citizens Advice, FACT,  Liverpool Poetry Cafe,  Liverpool Library Services,  the Greenbank Project, Tenantspin, BBC Radio Merseyside and Up for Arts – and the Young Womens Trust (formerly Project 51) etc.,

“Pauline Rowe’s beautiful poems mix memory, language and love in a kind of alchemy that turns the pages gold.”

Ian McMillan



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